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Why does my Drupal site look broken after moving to a new host?

March 30, 2019

If you are having issues after migrating your Drupal website to a new host or even simply to your local development environment, it is more than likely due to you needing to run update.php.

Even if it Drupal tells you there are no database updates to be run, I have found that still running update.php can fix these any issues so give it a try.

If you are unable to login to your website then you need to edit your settings.php file, and change the following line from -

$update_free_access = FALSE;


$update_free_access = TRUE;

You should then be able to run update.php without being logged in, it might also be worth after logging in to clear your cache. Also remember to change this line in your settings.php file back to FALSE.

99% of issues with migrating a Drupal site can be fixed by doing these 2 things.

If you need help with your Drupal site feel free to get in touch.